Sea Dwellers & Friends Aquarium Maintenance Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Greenwater?
Is it hard to keep a saltwater aquarium?
What is the average cost and size of a saltwater aquarium?
How often do you clean a saltwater aquarium?
How do you keep the salt level right?
What kind of water should I use?
What fish are compatible?
Do the fish die easily?
What is live rock?
What eats algae?
What are some good books about marine aquariums that I can read?
I have an oscar. What will go with it?
I have an African Cichlid. What can I put in with it?
What is new tank syndrome?
What can I do if my aquarium gets too hot?
Why do my incandescent light bulbs keep burning out?
Is there copper in my tap water?
Why and How Should I Use Reverse Osmosis In My Aquarium?
What is a freshwater bath?
Do You Ship fish?
When do you get your fish shipments?
Do you special order fish?
Do you sell Glo Fish?
Is your company on Twitter?
Is there a Sea Dwellers and Friends in Fort Wayne?
What Are Bonus Bucks?
Do you buy fish?/Do you buy pets?/Do you take trade ins?
What is your guarantee on fish? Do you guarantee your fish?
Does Sea Dwellers re-seal aquariums?
Does Sea Dwellers and Friends drill holes in aquariums?
Where can I find out information on Indiana's laws and regulations concerning reptiles and amphibians?
I have to get rid of my saltwater aquarium. Will you buy my live rock?
Our school/non-profit group is having a goldfish booth at our event. How much do they cost?
What do I do if I find a baby or an injured animal?
Why can't you sell anacharis(elodea) plant or water hyacinth anymore?
My Reptile/Snake has mites. How do I get rid of them?
Can you order custom aquarium stands at Sea Dwellers?


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